High Visibility Uniform Garments

There are many workplaces where visibility of employees, or lack of thereof, is a big safety concern. This includes poorly lit worksites, shipping and loading docks, maintenance tasks and more. Employees who are often in these work areas should have reflective safety apparel to help make them more visible, and avoid safety hazards.

There are 2 basic types of reflective safety apparel.

Enhanced Visibility Uniforms

Enhanced Visibility Uniform Garments

Enhanced vis garments usually include reflective tape around the chest and sleeve areas on shirts or jackets, and around the lower leg on pants . These garments are NOT usually made with brightly colored fabrics. They’re not held to ANSI standards, usually worn by employees in lower risk areas, but still need to be seen

High Vis Uniforms

High Vis Uniform Garments ANSI Compatible

High vis garments are ANSI rated and held to ANSI standards. These are the items you see made of brightly colored fluorescent yellow-green, red-orange, or red fabrics, like what you see worn by many construction workers. While already bright colors, they also have reflective stripes to ensure visibility from any angle.

What safety uniform garments are right for your workplace?

If you're not sure, our staff is here to help you understand the requirements for your workplace and help develop a rental or purchase of uniforms you’ll need to avoid any visibility issues. Contact us today to learn more. 

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