Towel Rental Programs

Promote a pristine workplace by beginning a towel rental program with Acme. Reusable towels are environmentally friendly in comparison to disposable towels as well as more absorbent. Always be prepared for the next spill with a towel rental program! From automotive shops to bars, we have options for you.

Shop Towels

Shop Towel Rental programs from Acme Uniforms

Shop towel rental programs are a great way to clean up automotive grime and enhance workplace cleanliness. Towels are durable, cleaned, and returned to you to do it all over again.

Kitchen & Bar Towels

Kitchen & Bar Striped Towel Rentals from Acme Uniforms

Soft and absorbent towels are ideal for kitchen restaurants, bars, and nearly any dining establishment. We monitor your towel usage and ensure you have what you need for your business, which is especially important due to the ups and downs of capacity over the last year. 

Microfiber Towels

Black Microfiber Towels - Shop towel rental program from Acme Uniforms


These towels offer a soft fabric that can absorb spills in nearly any setting. They’re also ideal because they capture dust and other contaminants keeping the space as clean as possible—ideal for kitchens, food, and pharmaceutical facilities.

If you’re looking to reduce your environmental impact by getting rid of disposable paper towels or ensure you have a cleaner workplace with a towel rental program, reach out to us to learn more.

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