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Uniform Rental Programs

Rental uniform programs that keep your employees looking professional.

Today's uniform wearers don't want to work in stiff, boring rental uniforms. Give them a uniform they'll be proud to wear. We tailor garment rental programs with the wearer in mind. Acme offers many uniform options with both contemporary styling and a sense of durability, ranging from cargo pants and golf shirts to uniform pants tailored for the fit requirements of female workers. Our uniform rental programs will satisfy your companies need as well as your employee needs.

Uniform rental programs can fit in your budget, and could actually save you money.

Your Acme representative will visit your workplace and measure each wearer to ensure a comfortable uniform fit. We'll pick up the soiled uniforms and deliver clean uniforms every week. Plus, we have a 3-point inspection process to identify repairs to your uniforms as needed. Your workers won't have to wash or fix their work clothes, simply put them on and go to work.

No upfront investment needed.

With a uniform rental program you're not buying your company uniforms, so there are no high start-up costs. Acme uniform rental service allows you to spread the cost over a longer period of time. It's almost as if Acme is making an investment in your success.

Acme Uniforms, your company and your employees, it's a GREAT FIT.

If an employee's size changes, we'll re-measure their uniforms. And if the size of your company changes, we'll increase or reduce the number of uniforms we deliver. The program is completely flexible to your needs.

Acme makes it easy to show your appreciation for people who work hard for you.

A uniform rental program from Acme is a benefit for you and for your hard-working team. Contact us so we can send a representative to your location today.

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