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Work Uniforms

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100% Cottom or Blends Custom Logo Design Long/Short sleeve Pocket or Plain

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Corporate, Casual & Polos

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American Made Garments Available
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Here at Acme Uniforms for Industry, we are working all the time to provide you with excellent service and quality products. I would like to point out some of the products and services that you may not be aware Acme can provide to you at a cost savings to your company. The convenience of all your needs supplied by one vendor, one invoice, and we are there every week to service your account.

  • • Quality uniform programs to enhance your business image that can be customized to your specific needs.
  • • Floor mats in various colors and sizes to protect your floors and keep your facility clean.
  • • Logo floor mats at your entrance to get your name in front of your customers.
  • • Center-pull paper towels, bathroom tissue, air fresheners and soap dispensers to meet all your bathroom needs.
  • • Dust mops and wet mops in all different sizes for any application you may want.
  • • Exterior scraper mats that catch dirt before it gets into your facility.
  • • Fender covers, shop towels and all accessories managed by our route manager for your service departments.
  • • Acme has a vast inventory available for direct sales, any item you may need from hats to work shoes and everything in between. Ask to see a catalogue or talk to your route sales manager.
  • • Our on site embroidery department can produce your company logo or any design you may need for your purchase to add that special touch for your business.

If you would like more information or have any questions please ask your route sales manager or contact us. Acme looks forward to helping our customers with all their business needs; convenience and cost savings is always part of the program.

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